1. Ruthless

From the album Inconspicuous

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Everyday I wake up there's just something that I’m looking for Blood all on my fingers, I'm just trying to find an open door
They don’t want to see me win (x2)

[Verse 1]
Born to lose, I'm going to die a king
Built to win, go ahead size the ring
Bow your heads, you in the presence of God
Knowledge of self, will never question the cards
Creator of life, temper to take it
Caught up in this plight, am I Elijah or Jacob
Flight or fall, who got the balls to jump
Fight or frail, we gonna brawl for months
Fry the scales, I got the corner crunched
Move swift, fade for lose lips
Ruthless with a taste for Ruth Chris
Blood on my knife, I bite till the tooth chips
Love or spite, I fight till the pulpit
Bullshit I could hear it on your tone boy
Full clip I ain't leaving it at home boy
The more he talk, the less I believe
The less I say, is just the more I mean
Press play I'm bringing all my team
Till I rest I lay I’m painting all I’ve scene
I just pray I see all I’ve dreamed


[Verse 2]
Sharp mind, run my finger down a fine blade
Play the edge, I be leaning trying to find faith
Blunt steaming leave my demons in the fireplace
Pray the angels bring a halo to a dark place
Play the angles I’m an architect of odd shapes
Turn the tables baby I just need a hard ace
Got to tangle you a target when you pavaid
Got to strangle i don’t got no time to parlay
Get it how you live, this the rules of the rollers
What you rather hear nigga, fool or a soldier
Tying up the timbs, low the brim get the toaster
See me on a limp, not a gimp don’t approach us
I don’t got no patience bout my paper, I’m gone ride
Smiles all on they faces, but theres hate all in they eyes
I watch them all sliver
Will never ball wit us, going watch em all wither
Fuck em all nigga
Heavy weigh the crown can you see the thorns in it

[Hook x2]